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The Statistics Portal 2013 survey reveals 16.64 million Americans play darts! We’re not surprised! Our sport provides countless hours of enjoyment for all ages. Darts is not a fad or a trend and has been played for decades here in the United States.

If you are one of those almost 16.64 million casual darters you’ll enjoy playing darts in the American Dart League. Our national league program has something for everyone! In fact, it is the only league that offers both English “steel-tip” and Electronic “soft-tip” action in the same format. We are currently the largest soft tip/steel tip league in North America.

The American Open League offers “scratch” play of 501 singles and cricket doubles. The NEUTRALIZER® League equalizes competition regardless of a members’ skill in 301 singles and cricket doubles. The American Dart League currently operates in 30 states and is managed by trained professionals to ensure the best-organized darts program in the United States.

Our newest addition to the ADA portfolio is our worldwide online leagues to where you can play other ADA Members/Teams in real time through the Shelti Radikal System. We are offering leagues on all week nights and weekend days. Come challenge other ADA Members from your home bar each week!

To enroll in the American Dart League, or if you would simply like additional information about our organization, please fill out and submit our electronic “Information Request Form”

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