ADA Nationwide Online Tournaments

American Darters Associations Online Tournaments through the Radikal Machines

Friday, January 12th:
ADA Open Singles
7:30pm Central Time – Women’s
8:00pm Central Time – Men’s 

64 Member Bracket Double Elimination

  • Best of 5 Winners Side – Crk-501-Crk-501-Crk
  • Best of 3 Losers Side – Crk-501-Crk
  •   Standard Cricket – 30 rds
    501 – OI/DO – 17 rds -Split Bull
  • Random start game 1
  • Loser starts remaining games

Entry: $25 per member
Signup – Online at ADA website Start December 12th – January 5th
Register Here
Max 2 members per machine
Number of spots paid out announced after event registration is closed.

General Rules for all events

  • You must be a current 2018 ADA Member ($20) Sign up and Renew here
  • Eligibility: You must be a current 2018 ADA Member to play in January’s Event!
  • Places will be adjusted based on participation:
    • First 64 members to sign up
    • Members over 64 will be placed on a waitlist
  • Patented Remote Referee System will be used to validate matches
  • Members using false or wrong identification will be invalidated and not eligible for prizes
  • ADA or Radikal United States reserves the right at any time to modify the rules of any events on the calendar if needed to ensure the integrity of the competitions
  • NOTE: due to differences in OL play vs Face to Face play – darts that do not register are not recorded by the remote referee system and therefore could be rethrown with face to face matches only.
  • Members winning cash prizes will be required to fill out financial forms prior to receiving payouts
  • Members under the age of 18 are ineligible to claim prizes
  • Teams may only sign up for one event per day
  • Next Online Tournament dates TBA
  • No online event entry fee will be refunded once received by the ADA Home Office
  • No two 2018 ADA Professionals may participate on the same team in the Neutralizer (Doubles) Events.  Also for the Neutralizer event a CAP of 50 PPDA will be enforced upon signup.  Example: if two member’s ADA PPDA’s added up have a combined PPDA of 50 points or more they are ineligible to participate.  
  • For the Professional Singles on Sunday, December 3rd, you must be on the 2017 ADA Professional List here: ADA Steel Tip Professionals may enter into this online event.
  • All ADA Sportsmanlike Rules and Guidelines shall apply
  • $100 Administration fee will be deducted per day
  • An additional $10 fee will be applied for all late team entries upon request and approval
  • Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for online checks to be tagged, processed and mailed out

Questions about this or any event can be sent to or call (636) 614-4380 ext 1001.

Day of event(s) please call 636.614.4380 x 1003