Bring the ADL to your area

How To…
Bring the American Dart League to Your Area!

The minimum requirements to start the American Dart League are as follows:

  • 8 players (four 2-member teams), 12 players (four 3-member teams) or 16 players (four 4-member teams)
  • 2 dart boards or dart machines
  • 1 ADA Representative
  • Access to a computer, scanner or fax machine

The ADA provides the startup materials; rules, team rosters, posters, score sheets, etc. Weekly score sheets are forwarded to ADA headquarters with results posted on the ADA web site. The following link lists every schedule and location in the United States currently hosting American Dart League play: Current Division Standings

If you would like the American Dart League to expand to your area, please complete the online ADA Information Request Form and submit it to ADA headquarters. A start up kit will be forwarded to you.

Thanks again for contacting us and we look forward bringing the American Dart League to your area soon.

Karl Remick
Vice President, ADA
636-614-4380 ext. 1001


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