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General Membership Information

Annual membership fee is $20.00 (US) for both new and renewing members. ADA Membership year is from January 15th to January 15th of the following year.


Simply proceed to our Online Membership Application to process your membership payment via a secure online credit card transaction (Visa / Master Card/ Discover), or simply print, fill out, and mail this Membership Application [PDF – 38KB].

Please Note: ADA Membership is non-refundable. Please review the refund policy before proceeding.  ADA Membership online application is always a $20 Transaction.  Brand New 1st time members signing up after August 1st of each year can pay $10 cash or check to their local ADA Representative for processing. *New Members that pay $20 online for Membership after this date, instead of paying their Rep $10 directly, will not be refunded the $10 dollar difference.

Upon receipt and verification of your membership application and fees, 1st time brand new member’s membership card will be processed and forwarded to you. Please allow 4 weeks for processing and delivery.

If you have lost your ADA permanent membership card please contact ADA Representative Ashley Stallmann: Please email her with your current postal address and ADA Membership number. All replacement cards are $5 (this price includes shipping and handling) Or pay through PayPal here:

The American Darters Association, Inc. (ADA) was founded in 1990 as the sanctioning body for a nationwide centrally-controlled dart league. The ADA operates two types of nationwide dart leagues. One utilizes a unique handicap system called the NEUTRALIZER® allowing members, regardless of their ability, to compete equally. The second is the traditional “scratch” Open League format.

As a member of the American Darters Association Program you are entitled to:

Availability of League play nationwide
Cash prizes, trophies and awards each season
National, Regional and Local events
Special member discounts
ADA Website Member Stats & MyADA
ADA Logo Apparel
National Member of the Week Prizes & Awards


  • To participate in the United States only national dart League that offers both Steel-tip and Soft-tip.
  • The NEUTRALIZER® – designed for members regardless of their skill to have an equal opportunity to compete against higher ranked members.
  • Open League – “scratch” competition in 501 singles and cricket doubles.
  • Professional Darter Certification Program (PDCP). The ADA is the only national darts club to certify darts players as Professionals
  • Prizes, trophies and awards each season.
  • Managed by trained professional ADA Representatives.
  • National and Regional Championships – All American Dart League teams who meet the eligibility rules and requirements are eligible for the National Championship.
  • To meet people and HAVE FUN!!

By becoming a member of the American Darters Association Inc. (ADA) and or renewing membership each year online or face to face I agree to the following Hold Harmless: I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the American Darters Association Inc. and American Dart League (ADL), it’s agents, staff, employees, League Management from and against any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, claims, demands for suits whatsoever resulting from or arising out of personal injuries, loss of or damage to property, or involving any impairment of or damage to any right because of or in any way related to the ADA and or the ADL resulting from my participation in this activity. I also authorize any photos, videos or skyping of myself to be used in any publicity or promotional materials by the ADA and ADL.

By becoming a member I also agree to abide by and adhere to all ADA rules and regulations relating to sportsmanship and participation in ADA and or ADL Leagues, tournaments, and other activities. The ADA has final authority.



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