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The ADA’s “Member of the Week” remains the most successful sponsored program in the history of the ADA!  Each week four ADA members receive the following:

  • ADA Iron Patch 
  • ADA Stylist Flashlight Pen
  • GLD Products Set of Flights 
  • ADA Can Holder 

The National “Member of the Week” is determined from a members’ performance. A point value is calculated based on the formula below.  The member with the most points is determined the National “Member of the Week”. Click here to view Current Division Standings online.

These members qualify for the “Member of the Week”. In addition to the Member of the Week, the top 19 members are also listed.

The Formula
The following formula determines the “Member of the Week”.
(exact point values are omitted to retain program integrity)

Game Points
These points are based on the member’s winning percentage from the league match.

games won
—————  x point value = game points
games played

PPDA Points
These points are based on the difference between the member’s starting PPDA and their game PPDA.  

game PPDA – starting PPDA x value points = PPDA points

Each hat trick, ton eighty and nine mark thrown in the league match is valued. The points are different for soft-tip or steel-tip based on the degree of difficulty and frequency on the achievement.

  Game points
+ PPDA points
+ hat trick points
+ ton80 points
+ Nine Mark points
MOTW points

Note: For the Doubles Leagues Member of the Week points, due to the mandatory two ’01 games played in a night, the National Member of the Week total scores are displayed per game and not added together like the local member of the week points are listed. This levels the field with the other dart formats for members only playing 1 ’01 game a night: Express and Team League.

Eligibility & How To Claim Prizes
Members must have a computer with an Internet e-mail address. Simply CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT THE PRIZE CLAIM FORM. Submit the form within 14 days to receive your prize package. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.