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Military Cup Challenge IX
Rules & Regulations





Rules and regulations for the ADA Military Cup Challenge IX are listed below. The location is the the St. Louis Renaissance Airport Hotel in St. Louis, MO.


  • Only active, reserve/guard, and retired military personnel are eligible.
  • All participants must be ADA members. Annual membership fee is $20.
  • Three-person teams. Male, female or mixed (ADA Express League format).
  • Teams must have a Captain.
  • Competition date is Thursday, August 6th, 2009.
  • Teams must be comprised from members of the same military branch of service.
  • Entry fee is $100.00 per team.
  • All participating team members in the Military Cup Challenge are eligible for other ADA National Championship Open events. See Addendum #1 for details regarding the Neutralizer® events.

Military Cup Challenge team members may choose to participate in the Neutralizer® format for all “non-team” events. Non-team events are defined as the singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and mixed triples events at the ADA National Championship. To be eligible for Neutralizer® format non-team events, the team member must have eight (8) 301 scores from participation in the Spring season of the American Dart League preceding the National Championship. Participation in the non-team events must all be done in the same format, either Neutralizer® or Open.


  • Teams from the same branch of service play to determine a Championship team. The five remaining teams (one representing each branch of service) compete to determine the “Military Cup” winner.

Competition Format:

The competition format is based on the ADA's Open Format. Games are cricket triples, cricket doubles and 501 singles (straight start, double finish). Each game is valued at one point. The first team to reach 9 points wins.

Order of games is as follows:

Triples cricket: games 1, 5, 8
Doubles cricket: games 3, 7
Singles 501: games 2, 4, 6


All military participants must present their U.S. Uniformed Services ID Card DD Form 2


  • The Military Cup (awarded to the first place team)
  • Individual trophies (awarded to the first place team)
  • Divisional trophies (awarded to the first place branch team)
  • Individual awards (Most Valuable Military Member, based on hat trick, 180 & nine mark)
  • Cash (based on entries – 100% returned)

Championship Dress Code:

The dress code for the Military Cup Challenge will be appropriately casual. Championship Officials will determine any dress code violations. Any military personnel deemed to be in violation of the dress code will be asked to leave the Championship room and return in the proper attire. Individual matches will not be delayed due to dress code violations.

  • Men’s proper dress will include dress slacks, designer blue jeans, dress shorts, polos, collared or team shirts, with casual leather or canvas shoes.
  • Women’s proper dress will include dress slacks, skirts or dress shorts (mid-thigh or longer), designer blue jeans, designer warm-ups, polos, dress blouses or sweaters, non-collared shirts in good taste or team shirts, casual leather or canvas shoes.
  • Expect that you will be taped for televised segments of sports news, amateur tournament videos, or you may be professionally photographed at any time during the event. Be prepared by dressing appropriately.

ADA Is Highest Authority:

The American Darters Association acts as the highest authority concerning all Military Cup rulings.

To preserve the integrity of the Military Cup and the National Championship, the ADA reserves the right to disqualify any military member and/or team:

    • Whose Military Registration appears to have been altered or contains irregularities that might give that player and/or team an unfair advantage; or
    • Where fraudulent circumstances of any nature are found to exist; or
    • Whose sportsmanship and/or conduct is deemed by the ADA to potentially bring discredit upon the Military Cup Challenge, the National Championship or the sport.

NOTE: Disqualification will mean forfeiture of all titles, awards and prize money, as well as possible suspension.



2009 Military Cup Challenge IX August 6th, 2009






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