Results: Annual Darts Across the Sea

Results: Annual Darts Across the Sea
By Karl Remick, ADA


Darts Across The Sea, the world’s longest running International Darts Challenge between Team England and Team USA (ADA), played this past Saturday, November 12th, 2016.  England’s team resided at the Romany Inn and Team ADA competed at the Fireside Inn in Ottawa, IL.  “This has got to be one of the greatest events we have ever had at the Fireside Inn”, comments Owner Wayne Leal. He adds “We appreciate the ADA Home Office supporting their host locations such as the Fireside Lounge”.


When this match began in the 1980’s we used the telephone as our form of communication with two loud speakers announcing the current scores from each score keeper. Now with the help of advanced technology, we communicate through Skype.  This way we can see the darts actually hit the board on each side along with seeing screen shots of the other team’s event location.

Qualifiers were promoted to every ADA Area nationwide.  This year, the 12 finalists who made the team were from both Illinois and Missouri.

Team England consists of Team Captain Jeff Billingham, Andy Tee, Kirk Bradshaw, Martin Biggs, Luke Smith, Max Murray, Ste Collinson, Robbie Commerford, Louise Glaholm, Melynda Stewart, Gemma Kettell, and Debbie Sue Roberts.


Team ADA USA consists of Team Captain Andrea Mayer, Derek Brown, Rick Groceman, Carl Janney, Tim Sennott, Randy Lee, Kraig Mathes, Jimmy Baxter, Donovan Eddards, Darcy Carpenter, Nancy Cromer and Kathy Leal.

The format of the event is as follows: 18 Total Games consisting of Men’s and Women’s Singles; Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles.  Total Point Value System:  2 points for a 2-0 win to the winner, None to the Loser \ 2 points for a 2-1 win to the winner, 1 point to the loser.  In the event of a draw after all 18 legs, sudden death playoff with each team nominating one player to play a single leg of 501 for 1 point.

Through the first three sets, ADA took a 4 – 2 lead over their England rival. The next two sets allowed England to catch up with a 6 – 6 tie, but then turned it on to win the next 3 sets 2 – 0 to make the score 12 – 6.  Team USA ADA pecked away at the second half of the score sheet but in the end, England came ahead of the annual match, 23 – 18 Final.



A special thanks to the following people who made this long standing special event possible: Wayne and Kathy Leal for their gracious hospitality in hosting the event at Fireside Inn ; ADA  England Rep Jeff Billingham for putting together his team and keeping this international match going; ADA Team Captain Andrea Mayer for her efforts and time putting together the lineup; James Gifford for being the official chalker for the USA ADA; ADA Rep Sarah Coyne for commentating and relaying the scores back and forth; Ashley Brown and Michael Cromer for providing IT support at the Fireside Inn; and of course USA team ADA as a whole! Thank you so much for competing and challenging our competitors across the pond.


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