Unicorn Member of the Month

American Darters Association Dart Leage Sponsor

Member of the Month 

This is an addition to the National Member of the Week (MOTW) Program that the ADA currently offers its members. Each month the ADA’s software retrieves the top four ranked members from each dart type and program and members receive prizes based on their total points ranking. The Unicorn ADA Member of the Month Program takes the top winners from the ADA National Member of the Week Program from each of these categories and determines the monthly winners. Here are the categories: Men’s Steel Tip and Soft Tip; Women’s Steel Tip and Soft Tip. After the winners are determined, with addresses verified, a Unicorn darts package is shipped directly to the winners’ mailbox!  Please verify your address to Ashley here at the office: astallmann@adadarters.com

Thanks for playing and aiming for those Unicorn Darts!

For more information about Unicorn visit their website at http://www.unicorn-darts.com

December 2016 Winners:

Steel Open Josette Duhon 43.9410

Steel Neutralizer Byungwhoon Kang 55.3850

Electronic Open Bobby Hasty 65.6150

Electronic Neutralizer Gary Boyd 103.0000

November 2016 Winners:

Steel Open Dylan Franklin 55.1050

Steel Neutralizer Anthony Adams 57.3000

Electronic Open Austin Lucas 115.8000

Electronic Neutralizer Justin Goodpaster 108.5000

October 2016 Winners:

Steel Open Anthony Adams 51.9570

Steel Neutralizer Briona Kimble 55.3000

Electronic Open James Byers 95.6150

Electronic Neutralizer Patrick Foster 88.5000

September 2016 Winners:

Steel Open Mark Daly 54.0970

Steel Neutralizer Robin S. Bryant 84.5000

Electronic Open Mark Hinds 100.6960

Electronic Neutralizer Brian Lindhorst  126.6000

August 2016 Winners:

Steel Open: Kevin Fitzgerald 57.3480

Steel Neutralizer: Jason Cohea 85.8750

Electronic Open: Mark Hinds 86.2400

Electronic Neutralizer: Courtney Simpson 156.6000

July 2016 Winners:

Steel Open: Derek Seals 46.000

Steel Neutralizer: Jennifer Lee 54.2500

Electronic Open: Mike Nolen 83.9380

Electronic Neutralizer: David Cornish 105.8750

June 2016 Winners:

Steel Open Dylan Franklin 52.2430

Steel Neutralizer RJ Ochota 54.4620

Electronic Open Mark Kidd 91.6550

Electronic Neutralizer Randy Lee 100.5000

May 2016 Winners:

Steel Open Tracy Peckinpaugh 40.3170

Steel Neutralizer Art Atanasoff 62.2000

Electronic Open Dean Goersch 106.3330

Electronic Neutralizer Besnik Toska 108.5000

April 2016 Winners:

Steel Open David Mullins 51.8000

Steel Neutralizer Mario Reisinger 69.3000

Electronic Open AJ Greiner 98.5710

Electronic Neutralizer Mandi Collins 110.6000

March 2016 Winners:

Steel Open James Crowl: 52.150

Steel Neutralizer Emmanuel Moreno: 77.8330

Electronic Open Mark Kidd: 125.2500

Electronic Neutralizer David Stafford: 135.0000

February 2016 Winners:

Steel Open: Jon Foreman 68.3570

Steel Neutralizer: Lee Coffee 76.3330

Electronic Open: Dhimo Petova 128.0000

Electronic Neutralizer: Tim Deutsch 118.0000

January 2016 Winners:

Steel Open: Gerald Andrews 56.3170

Steel Neutralizer: Brian Ruhl 91.5000

Electronic Open: Mark Kidd 85.2500

Electronic Neutralizer: John Cooke 109.0000