Unicorn Member of the Month

American Darters Association Dart Leage Sponsor

Member of the Month 

This is an addition to the National Member of the Week (MOTW) Program that the ADA currently offers its members. Each month the ADA’s software retrieves the top four ranked members from each dart type and program and members receive prizes based on their total points ranking. The Unicorn ADA Member of the Month Program takes the top winners from the ADA National Member of the Week Program from each of these categories and determines the monthly winners. Here are the categories: Men’s Steel Tip and Soft Tip; Women’s Steel Tip and Soft Tip. After the winners are determined, with addresses verified, a Unicorn darts package is shipped directly to the winners’ mailbox!  Please verify your address by Logining in your account or creating one HERE and then email Kate here at the office stating so: kmartell@adadarters.com

Thanks for playing and aiming for those Unicorn Darts!

For more information about Unicorn visit their website at http://www.unicorn-darts.com

December 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Rick Groceman 45.8000

Steel Neutralizer Valerie Goad 65.8000

Electronic Open Joe Wallace 79.2000

Electronic Neutralizer Terry O’Brien 108.4290

November 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Dave Marsh 56.3180

Steel Neutralizer Eric B. Raun 61.0910

Electronic Open Gary Boyd 84.2000

Electronic Neutralizer Joe Torbic 102.5000

October 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Tracy Peckinpaugh 55.2430

Steel Neutralizer Sam Taylor 64.6360

Electronic Open Gary Boyd 80.2400

Electronic Neutralizer Kerri Kurt 99.6000

September 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Mark Hinds 73.4120

Steel Neutralizer Guy Debeyra 61.0910

Electronic Open Derek Brown 99.3000

Electronic Neut Brad Erts 94.2350

August 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Duke Gates 52.2430

Steel Neutralizer Curtis A. Hanes 60.2500

Electronic Open Jesse Beach 83.2000

Electronic Neutralizer Matt Berrier 120.5000

July 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Kevin Fitzgerald 68.0720

Steel Neutralizer Agapito Mendoza 54.5220

Electronic Open Brian Jones 82.8860

Electronic Neutralizer Pat Kron 97.5000

June 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Mike Sarandos 63.9380

Steel Neutralizer Larry Green 62.4000

Electronic Open James Byers 120.6360

Electronic Neutralizer Heather Fox  99.0000

May 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Duke Gates 63.8860

Steel Neutralizer James Crowl 63.0000

Electronic Open Doug Watkins 83.6150

Electronic Neutralizer Mark Hinds 116.5000

April 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Tracy Peckinpaugh 50.5000

Steel Neutralizer Patrick Petroski 110.5710

Electronic Open Derek Brown 115.2400

Electronic Neutralizer Kirt Snow 110.5000

March 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Duke Gates 66.1050

Steel Neutralizer Tucker Cockrell 72.3000

Electronic Open Bill Schweikart 76.2000

Electronic Neutralizer Jeff Woodard 107.000

February 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Kish Vasanjee 53.5000

Steel Neutralizer Alex Sotolongo 68.3000

Electronic Open Steve Lattray 143.0000

Electronic Neutralizer Gino Ingogna 111.4550

January 2017 Winners:

Steel Open Kevin Fitzgerald 50.0770

Steel Neutralizer Patrick S. Healy 67.0910

Electronic Open James Byers 90.6960

Electric Neutralizer Patrick Kron 106.5000