Welcome New ADA Representatives in the ADA 383 Area!

Welcome New ADA Representatives in the ADA 383 Area!
By Karl Remick, ADA VP

The American Darters Association (ADA) would like to welcome our newest Representatives Ginger Ferguson, & Shannon Norman, to our dart family!  Ginger and Shannon are representing the greater Madison County, Tennessee area with surrounding counties of Gibson and Dyers, TN.

But they’re not alone, before signing on the dotted line as Representatives, they already set up their management team with the following:

Ginger Ferguson – ADA Rep
Shannon Norman – ADA Rep
Lynn Logan – Data Entry
Jerry Ferguson – Sales & Maintenance

American Dart League

Welcome Midway Bar to the 383 Ada area!#buildingtheada

Out of the four of them Jerry is the ranking member playing in the old ADA Bud Light Dart League in the early nineties! Welcome back Jerry (even though he has been involved with the ADA for a couple years now as a member)! The other 3 joined ADA about 4/5 years ago all as members.  On average they all started throwing darts little less than 10 years ago.

I got the pleasure of meeting most if not all of them at the Great Steak Cook-off down in West Memphis, AR.  In fact Shannon and I drew one another in the blind draw.  We finished top 5/6th and knocked out some great teams along the way.  “I loved throwing with that dude back then, we had a ton of fun and would throw with him anytime, states Shannon.  Right back at you brother!

Their journey started about 6 years ago playing in a NDA League on Thursday Nights out of Southaven MS at a location called Generations.  The four of them immediately hit it off both as friends and in love with the sport of darts.

After gaining some information about the ADA/American Dart League on the business side and posing as Team Captains and on the Local Rep’s management team for a bit, they decided to take a leap and purchase a couple counties to help their neighboring players out get involved into our nationwide Dart Family.

“Growing the sport and making new memories with members all over is one of the things the ADA has been about since day one, comments ADA CEO Gloria Remick.

Ginger shared this with us during the interview when we asked what was the best thing she loved about the ADA:
“For us (Jerry and I) it’s the family feeling you get when you are with other ADA members, over 4 years I have a great bond with Darters that I call family.  I must tell my experience again: My first Regional with ADA in West Memphis (First time) I meet Ms. Gloria, upon Registering for an event, she told me Welcome to the Family with enthusiasm! (this was in March). Then I went to ADA Nationals in Florida first time in July. On second day there I walked in to sign up for event for that night and she was there, looked at me and said ‘So glad to see you again Ginger and good luck and have fun’.  I came home told Jerry what happen and we both agreed that we had found our new dart family! With all the members that the association had, I was completely surprised that she remembered me.  From that point on that made me fell like I was part of her family. ADA is part of me and the love I have for the game even if I lose come back and work harder if I win that’s just icing on the cake.”

Staying on the same subject, Rep’s Lynn and Shannon chimed in on the ADA as well: “I love the fact that we (ADA) are like a big family, tons of the members are really nice and enjoyable to be around, plus I like going to the different locations for Regionals and Nationals each year.”

Continuing with the family theme, when the four of them aren’t running their dart venture, they enjoy their spare time being with their respected families which include their own kids and grand babies.  Other hobbies are fishing and hanging out in the pool on those hot summer days!

If you are in one of the counties or close by and want to join a nationwide league please contact Ginger or Shannon at one of the email addresses below.  We look forward to growing our dart family with them and these new members coming in.

Ginger: gferguson@adadarters.com
Shannon: snorman@adadarters.com

ADL Local Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323025644798943/

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