YOU can be a Pro Darter

How YOU Can Become A Certified ADA Professional Darter

It’s easy to become an ADA-certified Professional Darter – IF you have the skills and the commitment. The first step is to join the ADA if you haven’t already, and enter an Open American Dart League Division. After one full calendar year of sustained play at Pro skill levels, as outlined below, you will be notified by the ADA of your eligibility for Professional status. Just sign the pledge, agreeing to support the ADA Standards & Criteria including the ADA Code of Conduct & Ethics, you will be certified as a Professional Darter…a designation you can wear with pride!

All ADA Professional Darters will receive:

  • ADA Professional Darter Certificate
  • ADA Professional Membership Gold Card
  • ADA Professional Lounge at National Championship
  • ADA Professional Bud Pro Tour (where applicable)
  • Free ADA Events at Regional and National Championships (where announced) 

Additional Information:
ADA Professional Darter Certification Program: 01-1-2017 Pro Certification Agreement

If the American Dart League is not currently operating in your area, but you’d like it to be, click here for basic ADL Requirements & Startup Information.

To request more information about our organization in general, the ADA Professional Darter Certification Program, or how to bring the ADA to your area, please use our convenient online Information Request Form to contact us. We’ll direct your inquiry to the right department, and a member of our staff will contact you.

  1. ADA Professional Darter Standards & Criteria
    The ADA Professional Darter certification program is based upon the following standards & criteria of eligibility:
  2. Association Membership: An ADA professional darter shall be a member in good standing of the American Darters Association, for one full calendar year.
  3. Commitment to the Sport & Competitive Entry: An ADA professional darter shall be a member of the American Dart League. An ADA professional dart player shall play a minimum of 1 game of “501” in each quarter of the calendar year (Jan.-Mar.; April-June; July-Sept.; and Oct.-Dec.) and a minimum of 20 games of “501” for the entire year in the Open Division of the ADL.
  4. Skill Qualifications*: An ADA professional darts player shall maintain a average score of 17.5 points per dart for men’s steel tip; 12.0 points per dart for women’s steel tip; 23 points per dart for men’s soft tip; and 16 points per dart for women’s soft tip.      
  5. Conformity To Code of Conduct & Ethics: An ADA professional darter shall comport himself or herself according to the association’s Code of Conduct & Ethics. (Details are posted online at the ADA website.)

Professional members will enjoy concessions and other special benefits at all ADA Regional Championships and the National Championship. They will be provided with a handsome certificate, suitable for framing, that confirms their ADA Professional Darter status. ADA Professional members will be furnished with prestigious Gold Membership Cards when attending National Championships.

*Please note: ADA Professional Status is based off of each ADA Member’s 501 individual Open League Division scores per the ADA calendar year.  These scores come out of each ADA Representatives Local DARTERS systems.  These TRUE PPDA’s do not include Cricket Marks Per Round averages (MPR) nor achievements such as Ton80, Hattricks, or 9Marks.  There are no other factors to determine Professional Status.

According to Glenn Remick, past president of the American Darters Association, recognition of professional status is long overdue for thousands of conscientious competitors in the sport of darting. Said Remick: “Being a professional means ‘characterized by or conforming to approved technical or ethical standards’ and ‘exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner.’ We have created our new ADA Professional Darter to recognize the high standards of play, commitment, and conduct by our members, and to give amateur dart enthusiasts something to aspire to.”